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The Riverbay Association continues to look for sponsors for the Riverbay Newsletter. If you are a member of the Riverbay Association and own or work for a local business, you can sponsor an issue of the Newsletter and have a business card sized listing in the Riverbay Newsletter.  There is a $50 fee for this and your name, company name and business card will be displayed on SPONSORS page of the Association  web site for two years after Newsletter publication. Details on how to become a sponsor are included on the SPONSORS page www.Riverbay.org/sponsors.html


We say “thank you” to our  previous sponsors listed below:


June, 2013 Newsletter

Paul Avellar - Chatham Boat Co.
Ed Cunha - Ed Cunha Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
Paula St. Pierre - The Beachcomber
Kevin Smith - Kevin Smith, D.D.S., General Dentistry

February, 2013 Newsletter

Leo Cabana - Homework's Environmental Inspections
Jack Farrell - Webster's Real Estate
Karl Fischer - Homework's Property Watch
Andrew McClennen - McClennen Family Chiropractic & Wellness


  New this year---

Riverbay Newsletter Sponsorship

Summer-Fall 2013:  A Note from the President

“Buy Local” is a national movement now happening across the country.  There are many good reasons to buy local products and utilize the services of those in our community. Buying local helps to support our local businesses, keeps jobs in our towns, and makes for a stronger and vibrant economy in our communities.  We have a number of talented, local businessmen and businesswomen who live here in Riverbay.  You may be unaware of your neighbor’s business connection in Chatham or in nearby towns as Riverbay is a large community--373 households.

The Executive Board has approved the idea of Riverbay Newsletter sponsorships as a way for Association members to spread the word about their businesses as well as to provide support to help defray the cost of  Newsletter mailings.  You will have a chance to check it out in the February, 2013 issue of the newsletter now being printed. We look forward to your feedback on this new program.  See below for sponsorship details, a link to the Sponsor Application form, and my contact information.

                                               Jack Farrell, President

                                                Riverbay Association

                                                  October 2012 -- September, 2013

Want to become a sponsor--here are the details

  • Sponsorship limited to members of the Riverbay Association
  • Sponsor application forms—just click here to download a copy of the form
  • Pre-payment of a sponsor fee [$50] is required for each issue of a Riverbay Newsletter
  • Listing of sponsors is not an endorsement by the Riverbay Association of any service or product; as such, a DISCLAIMER will be clearly displayed in the Sponsors’ section of each Riverbay Newsletter

Your feedback on this initiative is welcome 

Please send comments to: 

      Jack Farrell, President,

Riverbay Association

jack@webstersrealestate.com  or (508) 945 - 0990



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