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What is Riverbay Estates?


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Riverbay Estates is a charmiing neighborhood of approximately 285 acres in Chatham, MA at the "elbow"

of Cape Cod. It was planned in the late 1950's by Harold J. Moye& Associates and officially opened as Riverbay Estates at Chatham on May 29, 1962. There are 397 house sites within the Riverbay Estates community with only a few buildable lots remaining. Services available to residents include town water, natural gas, cable TV and high-speed Internet.

Today, a lively mix of young and old, year-round and seasonal residents and vacationers call Riverbay Estates home. School buses now come through our quiet streets. Hardwood and evergreen trees and mature plantings shade the area, which includes two sparkling ponds-Trout Pond and Pickerel Pond. The gently rolling and winding streets lend themselves to walking, running, and cycling. No parallel or perpendicular street plan here and new residents soon learn the "lay of the land" in this neck of the Chatham woods.

The Monomoy River, a tidal estuary also known as "Muddy Creek", forms part of the northern boundary of the neighborhood. Nearby are Pleasant Bay, the largest body of water contiguous to the Cape Cod National Seashore, and the Atlantic Ocean. Just off the coast of Chatham is the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, a key location in the North Atlantic Flyway for migratory shorebirds and waterfowl. Consequently, Riverbay homeowners may be pleasantly surprised by what they might see in their backyards throughout the year.

The original architecture was inspired by the Cape Cod styles of architect Royal Barry Wills. Today a variety of home styles can be seen in Riverbay. Many streets have Indian names drawn from the Native Americans who first lived and fished here. In later times, Chatham was both a fishing and agricultural community with the Riverbay area being originally comprised of three separate cattle farms owned by Messrs. Rufus Smith, George Bearse and Gresham Hall.

In the summertime, Chatham's year round population of 6,700 swells to as many as 25,000 to 30,000 with the arrival of seasonal residents and visitors. Yet the streets of Riverbay are never clogged by the heavy traffic found elsewhere in town.

Our community is equidistant from the downtown Chatham village area and the commercial district of East Harwich. Convenient are the supermarkets, banks, restaurants, a variety of shops/retail stores, and a post office in each of these centers.

Riverbay Estates has a great location in a coastal community. In spite of its "youth" ---just about 50 years old---history surrounds Riverbay. Riverbay Estates is a lovely community that many of us call "home".

Executive Committee 2022-2023


Jack Scheld
Larry Goodrich
Diane Anderson
Jeff Lanctot
Dale Eckerman
Past President:
Michael Berg
At-Large Member:
Sally Davol
At-Large Member:
Dan Hayden
At-Large Member:
Paul Bosnyak


Riverbay Streets

  1. Chipping Stone Road
  2. Deer Meadow Lane
  3. Heatherwood Lane
  4. Joshua Jethro Road
  5. Lakeview Avenue
  6. Monomessat Way
  7. Monomoyic Way
  8. Namecoyic Way
  9. Old Comers Road
  10. Old Queen Anne Road
  11. Park Avenue
  12. Potonumecot Road
  13. Riverview Drive
  14. Round Cove Road
  15. Sachemas Way
  16. Training Field Road
  17. Trout Pond Lane
  18. Wading Place Path
  19. Wequasset Way
  20. Wonkapit Way

What is Riverbay Association?

Riverbay Association

The Riverbay Association was formed to maintain the character of our community, to enhance and protect property rights and to develop neighborhood spirit. The Articles of Association, also referred to as the by-laws, provide the framework for the structure and operation of the organization.

Membership is open to all property owners. An 11-member executive committee, also known as the Riverbay Board, guides the association. The board is composed of four officers, six board members elected at the association's annual meeting and the most recent past president.

Initially, the Board's efforts were directed to increasing membership and to sponsoring annual social events. Each year an annual social event is planned with the association annual meeting held in early October. Periodic newsletters are published to keep residents informed of neighborhood happenings. The board also oversees activities of the Riverbay Beautification Committee (RBC) and contractual services for mowing and irrigation system maintenance.

The RBC is now designated as a standing committee, with the chairperson serving on the board. Prior to the establishment of the RBC, many willing volunteers assisted with spring plantings and spring/fall clean-ups over a number of years. The RBC emphasizes improving the landscaping at all four Riverbay Estates entrances, particularly the main entrance at Park Avenue, and other areas within the neighborhood. Upon request, the RBC will provide landscaping advice and guidance to association members. The group is active and open to any Riverbay resident.

Several Riverbay residents were instrumental in developing the RBC as it functions today. Christie Turner was the driving force in establishing this more permanent and ongoing committee in 2007. Ann Randall, a master gardener, completed the landscaping design plan for the Park Avenue entrance. Bob Del Vecchio, director of the Horticulture program at Cape Cod Regional Technical High School (CCRT) in Harwich, provided guidance and also supervised CCRT students who performed valuable services such as soil preparation and planting. Gardening at the windy and sandy main entrance at Park Avenue has proven a challenge to the RBC. Current RBC Chair Mike Berg oversees the administrative, planning and planting functions of the group. If you have a green thumb, are interested in gardening, and/or like challenges, Mike is always looking for volunteers. He can be contacted at: beautification@riverbay.org

Each year the RBC accepts donations, dedicated to covering the costs of plants and related planting materials. Members have been generous in the past with contributions and sincere gratitude is extended to all association members who have dug deep into the soil or their wallets to help with these landscaping projects.

The association web site was first developed in 2002, thanks to the hard work and efforts of some board members and volunteers. Credit is given to Dr. Donald Waugh for procuring our DOMAIN NAME and personally covering registration fees associated with this for a number of years. In 2009 the board voted to update the website and a small subcommittee tackled this challenging task. The eRiverbay Committee included board members Eric Hartell, Ron Holmes, Ann Reydel, Jan Whittaker and ad hoc member Ed Fouhy. You are now seeing the results of the hard work of this subcommittee. After an in-depth review, Cape Cod Computer of Harwich, MA was selected to manage the Riverbay web site redesign project.

The association oversees web site content and designation of the Riverbay webmaster. The site is designed to be useful to both residents and future property owners. Association members are encouraged to submit articles of local interest, "want-ads", lost 'n found information, etc. Upon request, members may also list their property by address/price for free on the REAL ESTATE page. The web site is designed to be a timely, interactive and inexpensive means of communication within the neighborhood. The site also includes links to local services and agencies in Chatham or the lower Cape. The website is updated periodically and will be expanded, as the need arises.

Annual dues per household constitute the major source of income for the Riverbay Association. Current dues are $40 and property owners may join at any time. The Board welcomes comments and questions and addresses them individually or through the newsletter, if appropriate. Contact the Riverbay Association President at president@riverbay.org.

The Riverbay Board of Directors, elected by property owners who are association members, serve in a voluntary capacity. Board members serve as the "eyes and ears" of Riverbay with a focus on maintaining this as a desirable place to live by landscaping and maintaining entrance areas, managing necessary contractual services, overseeing/maintaining Riverbay.org and addressing members' concerns. For our out-of state owners and seasonal residents, this means someone is keeping a watchful eye here in your community. Our home is often the largest investment that many of us make. Is there any homeowner who isn't interested in maintaining strong property values here in Riverbay Estates?

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